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Kokoa Kamili Farms

Tasting Notes: Bright and fruity, with lemon-citrus notes on the mid-palate and a big finish of fresh cherry.


The Kokoa Kamili Cooperative works with nearly 1,500 shareholder farmers, the vast majority of whom own less than 2 acres of cacao. Prior to Kokoa Kamili a single cacao buyer dominated the area, and the farmers received some of the lowest prices in the country for their cacao. Fortunately, the Kokoa Kamili Cooperative is committed to ethical economic development, so the farmers in the region now receive some of the highest prices in Tanzania for their crops!

Situated in the Kilombero Valley bordering the Udzungwa Mountains, the Kokoa Kamili Cooperative produces some of the finest cacao in the country. They accomplish this by accepting "wet" beans from farmers, and then controlling all of the fermenting and drying themselves. This not only reduces the farmers' workload, it ensures consistent, high quality cacao.

Tanzanian cacao is increasingly becoming recognized as some of the best in the world. Which means that the chocolate we make from it is very special. In fact when we sample our different chocolate varietals, the Tanzanian is picked as a favorite more often than any other varietal we make! 

Each pack contains 3 bars.
Approx. weight 24 grams each bar.
Ingredients (cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter)