Peru Ucayali

Peru Ucayali

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Ucayali River Region

Tasting Notes: Bright tropical fruit, closely followed by deep notes of mocha/espresso.


This Peruvian varietal comes to us by way of Ucayali River Cacao, located near Pucallpa, Peru. Interestingly, this is not an area in Peru that has been known for fine cacao. But Robin Jordan, one of URC’s partners, was told by his brother-in-law (a farm owner in the region) that the cacao there was special. So he investigated for himself and discovered it was true! Since then, Ucayali River Cacao has been working with USAID and Alianza Cacao of Peru to create and support Ucayali cacao farmers.

Ucayali River Cacao now works with over 400 small farmers in the region, paying all of them more than market rate for their cacao. Importantly, URC also buys the beans “wet’ so that the cacao farmers don’t have to put in the significant extra effort required to ferment and dry their cacao. Instead, URC picks up the wet cacao at collection stations every 15 days, allowing the farmers to concentrate instead on the quality and quantity of their crops.

Once Ucayali River Cacao picks up the beans from the farmers they are meticulous about processing them. In fact, Robin Jordan even invented a machine that sorts the wet beans so that the small beans, “flats,” rocks, debris, and other non-desirable items are removed. And from personal experience we can tell you that not only are these Ucayali beans uniform and beautiful, they are some of the easiest beans we’ve every processed here at Origin Chocolate!

Of course the most important test of any cacao is not how nice it looks, but how great it tastes. And in that regard, Peru Ucayali does not disappoint. In fact I think it's fair to say that among the small but growing circle of American bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Ucayali is one of the most sought after cacaos.

It’s flavor is deep, creamy and rich. It begins with the bright hit of tropical fruit often found in Peruvian cacao. But this bright fruit is then immediately followed by prominent notes of mocha/espresso. Quite frankly we’ve never had anything quite like it, and we can’t wait for you to experience the chocolate we make from one of the world’s truly great cacaos!

Each pack contains 3 bars.
Approx. weight 24 grams each bar.
Ingredients (cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter)