Origin Gianduja

Origin Gianduja

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Gianduja (pronounced “jeeon-DOO-ya”) is the only confection we currently make at Origin Chocolate.

Gianduja was invented in Turin, Italy in the early 1800’s by a chocolatier named Michele Prochet. Prochet was attempting to make up for a Napoleonic-induced chocolate shortage by extending his chocolate with hazelnut paste. He wasn't sure how his customers would react, but they loved it! 

The new fusion of chocolate and hazelnut then became famous after a chocolate company named Caffarel created triangular, canoe-shaped versions for the annual Turin carnival in 1865. Caffarel based this new shape on the triangular hat worn by a carnival character named “Gianduja," which is how the confection got its name!

Since then, gianduja has become incredibly popular throughout Europe. But for reasons that remain both mysterious and unjust, this popularity has never managed to make it to America. The closest thing we typically have available here is Nutella, which is a pale imitation at best.

We weren't okay with that, and decided to do something about it. As you may or may not know, Origin Chocolate is located in Oregon. And nearly the entire American hazelnut crop comes from our state. So we had a thought: what if we made gianduja with Oregon hazelnuts and our own single-origin chocolate? That sounded like a pretty good idea, so we did it. 

Rest assured, we bring the same quest for quality to our gianduja that we do to our chocolate.  We begin by sourcing raw hazelnuts from local farmers and roasting them in-house. We then blend the resulting hazelnut paste with our own single-origin dark chocolate. And finally, we add just a touch of cane sugar; much less than traditional gianduja makers typically use.

This is not traditional gianduja*. This is new American gianduja. This is Origin Chocolate gianduja, and we promise you’ve never had anything quite like it.

Each pack contains 6 pieces.
Approx. weight 16 grams each.
Ingredients (hazelnuts, chocolate, cane sugar)
*We did however keep the traditional shape.