Discovery Pack II

Discovery Pack II

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One of our first decisions at Origin Chocolate was to offer Discovery Packs, with each pack containing three chocolate bars made from different cacao varietals. We did this because our mission is to introduce people to single-origin chocolate, and we felt these packs would be a great way to accomplish that. We also felt that many chocolate lovers would simply prefer the variety!

This in turn led to our creation of regional Discovery Packs, which group their bars into specific regions. Our first regional pack was "The Americas," which features chocolate made with cacao from Central and/or South America.

We are now very pleased to offer our second regional discovery pack, featuring chocolate made with cacao from Asia. As is always the case, the varietals in this pack will change based on bean availability. Currently our "Asia" Discovery Pack features the bright and fruity Vietnam Lam Dong, the eccentric and smokey Papua New Guinea, and the citrusy/nutty India Anamalai. 

Every Discovery Pack - Asia will include one bar each of:

Vietnam Lam Dong
India Anamalai
Papua New Guinea Markham Valley

Each pack contains 3 bars (one of each varietal).
Approx. weight 24 grams each bar.
Ingredients (cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter)