Origin White - Caramello

Origin White - Caramello

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Tasting Notes: Prominent notes of caramel, toffee, nuts and butterscotch.

The foundation of real white chocolate is cocoa butter, so we begin with an organic cocoa butter pressed from quality cacao beans at the Camino Verde Estate in Ecuador. To that we add organic, full-fat milk powder from Azure Farms, located here in Oregon. We then sweeten the chocolate with raw cane sugar.

As you may have noticed, our Caramello white chocolate begins with the same ingredients as our Bourbon white chocolate. That's because we essentially turn our Bourbon into Caramello by very carefully cooking the chocolate at controlled temperatures for 6-8 hours. This cooking process induces an amazing metamorphosis in the chocolate via a Maillard reaction between the heated milk proteins and the raw sugar. The result is a dark, caramelized white chocolate with an entirely new flavor profile!

It takes a lot of extra effort to produce our Caramello, but we think it's worth it. And once you try it, we think you'll agree that caramelized white chocolate is a true wonder!


Approx. weight: 24 grams each bar.
Ingredients: cocoa butter, full-fat milk powder, raw sugar, vanilla beans.

*Our white chocolate never contains any palm oil, hydrogenated fats or stream-stripped cocoa butter. We use no artificial flavorings, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives or emulsifiers.