Origin White - Bourbon

Origin White - Bourbon

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Tasting Notes: Deep and creamy, with prominent notes of real vanilla.

The foundation of real white chocolate is cocoa butter, so we begin with an organic cocoa butter pressed from quality cacao beans at the Camino Verde Estate in Ecuador. To that we add an organic, full-fat milk powder from Azure Farms, located here in Oregon.

We sweeten our Bourbon bars with organic, raw sugar in order to add a subtle note of molasses.  And then we finish with plump, organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.

White chocolate doesn't always get a lot of respect. Quite frankly, we think that's because most white chocolate on the market just isn't that good. So here at Origin Chocolate we set ourselves a goal of making white chocolate with the same care and respect we bring to our single-origin chocolate. Our only desire was to produce a white chocolate we would be proud to put our name on, and which our customers would find truly delicious. Our Bourbon white chocolate delivers on that promise. Enjoy!


Approx. weight: 24 grams each bar.
Ingredients: cocoa butter, full-fat milk powder, raw sugar, vanilla beans.

*Our white chocolate never contains any palm oil, hydrogenated fats or stream-stripped cocoa butter. We use no artificial flavorings, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives or emulsifiers.