The good news is that chocolate is not delicate crystal. So any jostling around by the Post Office is unlikely to damage your purchase. But chocolate does have its own issues, so we want to point out a few things that we think you should keep in mind.

#1 - We are a very small team right now. Which means that, sadly, we don’t have a shipping “department.” We know that you are excited to receive your chocolate. We’re just as excited to get it to you. So we’ll ship out your chocolate as quickly as possible. In general however, we will need 8-14 days to process your order. Sometimes you may receive your happy package much sooner than that. Other times it may take closer to the full 14 days. We'll provide tracking information and notifications so that you'll always know the status of your delivery. If you think there's a problem, or if it doesn't seem like we shipped your order within 14 days, please contact us and we’ll look into it right away!

#2 - Second, chocolate doesn’t “break” during shipping very often. And even if it does, it’s still chocolate. But there is one thing that chocolate really doesn’t like, and that’s heat. Between October and May that usually isn’t much of a problem. Between mid-May and early October however, things can get dicey. Once that time arrives we’ll be using special packaging to help mitigate the issue. But if you live in southern Texas, and it’s 150 degrees in the shade, and our package sits in your mailbox for 8 hours before you see it – well…

There’s a limit to what we can do about really hot weather. So if you live in warm climates, we recommend overnight shipping (Priority at least). We also recommend you keep an eagle eye out for your chocolate!

Here's one summer tip - some of our past customers have had us ship their chocolate to their work place instead of their home, since they have mail rooms that are air-conditioned 24/7. That can be a great solution for the hot summer months. But fair warning: unless you are sneaky you may end up having to share your chocolate with co-workers!