Origin White

 At Origin Chocolate, we don't think white chocolate gets enough love. So we've decided to introduce ORIGIN WHITE. Using only the finest ingredients, we make our white chocolate with all of the same care and attention we apply to our single-origin dark. If you're already a fan of white chocolate we know you're going to love it. And if you're not, we think you should try it anyway - we bet you'll be surprised at just how much you actually like it. 

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Let's begin by addressing the elephant in the room: white chocolate is not as popular as dark chocolate. In fact many people don't even consider it real chocolate! When most people think about chocolate, they think about the cocoa solids that give dark chocolate its unique flavor profiles. At Origin Chocolate our key mission is showcasing the differing flavor profiles of single-origin dark chocolate, so we understand!

Nevertheless, it breaks our heart that so many chocolate lovers dislike white chocolate. We are convinced that there are two main reasons for this: 1) Most of the white chocolate on the market is not very good. 2) People have trouble accepting that white chocolate isn't supposed to taste like dark chocolate! 

We're not sure we can do much about the second issue, but we can certainly address the main problem: quality. As you might imagine, we don't do things the way the big companies do.

You see, most of the white chocolate made in America is produced by giant companies like Nestle and Hersheys in the form of chocolate chips. And quite frankly, it's not even really chocolate. In fact if you look at the bags, you’ll notice that they are almost never called “white chocolate chips.” Instead, they are typically called something like “Premier White Morsels.”

The reason these large companies use such names is because they are not even legally allowed to call these products "white chocolate." Because they aren't. The main ingredient in real white chocolate is cocoa butter. The main ingredients in these products are usually sugar, followed by some form of hydrogenated or fractionated palm oil. In fact many of these companies don't use ANY cocoa butter at all. 

At Origin Chocolate, the main ingredient in our white chocolate is always cocoa butter. And not just any cocoa butter. A lot of commercial cocoa butter is vacuum steam-stripped to remove color and flavor. We don't use that. Instead we use organic, natural (non-deodorized) cocoa butter from the fine folks at Camino Verde in Ecuador. Their cocoa butter is pressed from their own fermented cacao beans. It contains nothing artificial, and none of the natural flavors, colors or aromas have been artificially removed.

The next critical ingredient to white chocolate is milk powder. Most large producers use skim milk powder because it provides a longer shelf life. But at Origin Chocolate our major concern is quality, not shelf life. So we use a full-fat, organic milk powder provided by Azure Farms, located here in Oregon.


Then the sweetener. For our white chocolate we use either an organic raw sugar (see image at top), or a neutral cane sugar. We never use any artificial sweeteners.

Finally, the flavoring. For our traditional (see below) and caramelized white chocolate, we use only REAL, vanilla beans. Specifically, we use organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. And for our citrus bars, we use only real, organic orange peel.

For our first white chocolate offering, we are presenting a variety pack of three different bars:

Bourbon - Our version of the classic white chocolate bar. Made with organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.
Valencia - For our Valencia bars we use cane sugar for a more neutral sweetening experience, and then we add citrus notes using only organic orange peel.
Caramello - Our Caramello bars are made using the same ingredients as our Bourbon white chocolate, but are then slowly cooked at controlled temperatures for 6-8 hours. This induces a Maillard reaction in the white chocolate, similar to what happens in the making of dulce de leche. The result is a dark, caramelized white chocolate with notes of toffee, nuts and butterscotch.

You can find our white chocolate variety pack here.