Our Mission

At Origin Chocolate, our mission is to help you discover what real chocolate from around the globe actually tastes like. And that can only happen when chocolate is allowed to be its own real self. In the end we believe one simple thing:

We all deserve real chocolate from real places

For thousands of years cacao was so valuable the beans were actually used as money. Aztec warriors drank it before battle, and kings would drink it to commune with gods. After they discovered it, Spain was so amazed by chocolate that they kept its source and preparation secret for nearly a hundred years! Once chocolate made its way throughout Europe, most people considered it a super-food, and for centuries consumed it as medicine.

And then after all of that we essentially ruined chocolate with industrialization, commoditization, giant monoculture crops of mediocre beans, and an unrelenting push to make everything cheaper. We took the "food of the gods" and turned it into candy. We turned it into a flavoring. The vast majority of chocolate today is a shadow of its former self.

Indeed, the #1 selling chocolate bar in America (Hershey’s) only contains about 11% cacao, and even that amount is from poor quality beans. The rest is sugar, stabilizers, chemicals to stop the dairy in the bars from spoiling, and artificial flavors. For over a century, that has been the American experience of chocolate. And quite frankly, when you get to the point where you have to add artificial flavors to a bar of what is supposedly America’s favorite flavor, something has gone terribly awry.

Origin Chocolate was founded by Michael Arnovitz for one simple reason: to find what was taken from us, and return it. We are re-introducing chocolate as it should be, before it was lost in the rush to the lowest common denominator.

Cacao is produce. It comes from a tree. So just like wine or coffee, chocolate from Madagascar does not taste like chocolate from Ecuador, which in turn does not taste like chocolate from Venezuela, or Vietnam, or Tanzania, etc. Single-origin chocolate bars all taste like chocolate, but they do not taste like each other. That is the nature of real food.

And that is what chocolate is - food. Chocolate is not a "flavoring" and it's not a mere "treat." Most importantly, real chocolate is not candy. Real chocolate is the best and fullest expression of cacao, and it's amazing.